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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send my dictations?

Dictations can be done over the phone via toll-free line that you can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, we offer digital handheld recorders that may also be used to send your dictations.

How is my dictation processed?


When you start dictating, you will be assigned to a MT Group based on your specialty and your estimated dictation load. When you send a dictation into our system, your assigned MT Group will receive your dictation for transcription. MT Group consists of medical transcriptionists with quality assurance supervisor, with more than 5 years of medical transcription experience, who checks the transcription for accuracy and makes the transcription available for you.

How do I receive my transcriptions?

You can receive your transcribed reports in any format you wish, even in multiple formats via a secured FTP site or encrypted email. 

When you sign up, you are given a login name and password that allows you to access your transcriptions on our website, You can then view and print your transcriptions online or download them to your computer.

You can certainly pick up your transcriptions via your control screen on the Internet, but apart from that, or you can ask for a fax copy or a direct printout.

Are transcribed reports available "on-line"?

Transcribed reports are available for up to 365 days on-line for absolutely free. After that time all data is archived to secondary media and stored for life.

Can you use my normals and phrases?

We will be happy to incorporate any normals or canned phrases you may routinely use in your dictation

How do I open the transcriptions I download?

The transcriptions are returned in an DOC (MS Word Document format) file or any format you like. This standard file type can be opened using virtually any word processing program like Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, etc.

What is the level of security when the transcriptions are on Internet?

All communication between your computer and our website is protected through the use of Secure Socket Layer encryption (SSL). This means that nobody can ?listen in? on the conversation between those computers. This is the same level of security that large E-Commerce and banking sites use.

What turnaround times do you offer?

We give you a facility of next day reporting (practically 12 hour turnaround time while charging for 24 hour turnaround time), for example, you will get back the reports at 9.00 am irrespective of the time you dictated them the previous day.

You can also select turnaround times to meet your needs - 48 hour, 24 hour, and 4 hours. You may choose different default turnaround times by report type or you can specify that with each report.

Can I dictate over the weekend?


Yes, we have transcriptionists working 7 days a week. The turnaround time also applies to weekend dictations. So thanks to us, there are no "Blank Mondays" for you with overflowing "pending tray". You are rendered free of the headache of "backlogs" and irritating superfluous work.

How much does the service cost?


We charge by per line basis. We ensure 25-30% savings with our competitive prices, because of innovative use of transcription methods like template, and smooth & informed workflow. Call us 1-203-624-5667 to get an understanding where and how can we save costs for you with making better workflow.

Any hidden costs?


Can I test your services?


You are most welcome; we shall setup a toll free number account for You within a day of your call from where you can dictate the live reports for the trial period without any charge or obligation . Call 1-203-624-5667 and we shall be happy to give a test.

How can I start?

Call 1-203-624-5667 and we will have you dictating in minutes. 

Please email us at for more information.


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