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Paging is a convenient and cost-effective way to communicate on the move. Pagers say what needs to be said in a few words, saving both time and money.

We are proud to offer you messaging by, the leading provider of wireless messaging services. Accurate transcriptions offers a full range of paging, advanced messaging and content services. We offer the best customer service and the most reliable paging system in the industry.... all at competitive rates. If you're ready to join the wireless revolution, is the right company for you.

We offer text/numeric messaging over its advanced, assured two-way paging network - the most advanced paging technology available today.

Two-Way Messaging Service

Today's busy lifestyle demands more from our communication devices... that's why Two-Way Messaging is selected by a majority of people. Two-Way Service gives you several advantages over traditional One-Way paging. Two-Way Messaging is the ultimate application of wireless data communication. Not only can subscribers be contacted with assurance, but they can initiate messages to other Assured or Two-Way devices or any other e-mail address directly from their wireless device. Two-way Messaging allows you to send and receive text and numeric messages. Two-Way Messaging offers a fast, convenient and discreet way for you to receive and respond to important information.

One-Way Numeric Service

Get and send word and numeric messages from telephones and two-way pagers as well as e-messages from the internet.

You can receive and save important messages up to 140 characters long, even when you're on another call or cannot answer the phone. You can receive email and text messages, and automatically dial phone numbers from within messages.

Alphanumeric paging

Alphanumeric is a term used to denote a paging device equipped to receive both numeric and word messages. Alphanumeric pagers allow you to receive alphanumeric messages instantly.

Accurate Transcriptions manages the campus paging service and offers two types of pagers:

Pocket pagers

Pocket pagers are small receivers, carried by individuals who need a method to be contacted when they are not near a phone.

Digital pagers

Digital pagers provide an audio or vibrating "alert" signal then displays a "call back" telephone number. These are appropriate for staff who may need to be reached during meetings or at locations where an audio message is not appropriate.

Paging provides you with a powerful communications tool. Whether used in conjunction with or replacing your current mobile communications package, it will enable you to keep in touch with your contacts, be available to your customers at all times and, above all, keep you in control of your costs.

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